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How to deal with a MicroManager (Short of becoming a workaho


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I'm currently working for a micro-manager. He assigns very specific tasks, which I don't mind, but then follows up on them at 30 minute intervals without having given a deadline to begin with. Or he might check back 2 days later on something assigned the week before, also with no deadline and no apparent priority.So it's like a combination of specific tasks and tracking combined with an extreme distrust that results in me not HAVING to stay on top of stuff because HE constantly is.


So short of becoming the world's best employee that is great at anticipating his manager's every move (Also he's only temporary, I will no doubt work for him again in the future, but each project has a different manager).I can just see my review having a ton of non-specific criticisms...but I'd like to be prepared to show that I got the job done. Having a different style than your manager in an organization where you work for many different ones shouldn't count against you....but it does.


Please help


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